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Bleach Tie Dye Ideas – Reverse Dyeing Fun!

Bleach tie dye or reverse tie dye is super fun to do and you are going to really love the look.

From subtle color changes to super bright color popping fun, this tie dye technique is a winner.

The best part about it is how easy it is to do! Who knew?!

Oh, and bonus! You can transform damaged items into something super cool.

Whether you got a stain on a shirt or you splashed bleach on a dark piece of clothing, you can make something totally new just by applying bleach.

Unique Reverse Tie Dye Ideas showing sweatshirts, dress and jeans

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If you want to grab a new item to try this fun idea with, be sure to see our reverse tie dye blanks post for great quality items to dye and if you want to add color (which is super cool) these are the best dye kits out there.

Bleach Tie Dye Ideas

If you have not tried this yet, you are really going to have a good time doing this craft.

If you are already a pro, you are sure to grab some fun new ideas you are sure to love.

Bleached and Tie Dyed Shirts

Transformed Tops

Surprisingly Soft Colors 

Shibori Technique by Reverse Dyeing

Bleach Dipped Options

Jeans Need Bleach

I hope you found just the right project to do. There are so many unique DIY worthy ideas!

Bleach Tie Dye clothes showing shirts and sweatshirts, crop tops