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Ice Tie Dye Ideas: Not Your Average Dyed Items!

Ok. This is so cool! Have you seen any ice tie dye ideas?

I just found out about this and was amazed at the way they look when they are finished.

This is not your average tie dye. The ice dyeing technique allows for a very unique and almost watercolor finish.

It makes sense because basically how it works is you tie your item, put ice on it and then add the liquid or powder dye over the ice cubes.

As the ice is melting the dye is released onto the fabric just like pretty puddles of color on a watercolor painting. The effect is incredible to say the least.

Ice Dye Tie Dye Ideas

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You are totally going to want to DIY these incredible projects. They are so good, it may be hard to choose which to do first!

Ice Tie Dye Ideas

This ice dye technique is so, so neat. It is THE way to take tie dyeing to the next level.

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Project Ideas for Ice Dyeing