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Tie Dye with Flowers – Naturally Beautiful

Are you ready to try doing tie dye with flowers? If so, these beautiful ideas will spark your creativity.

I have gotten into tie dye lately (see the tie dye classes I found to try!) and while I love the bright colors there are times when I really want to have the more subtle and organic look of natural floral and plant dyes.

I also realized that you can do flower bundle dye as well which is new to me but I am really excited about it because the results are stunning and it is super easy to do.

I pulled together a list of items to tie dye in case you are interested.

With both of those things in mind, I bring you this list of natural tie dye options you are sure to enjoy.

Natural Tie Die Ideas made with flowers and plants

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Tie Dye with Flowers

The subtle beauty of flower dyed items will amaze you and I just know you are going to have to try this throwback craft.

Tie dye your items with flowers and plants for a more natural and organic option while still getting to enjoy the popularity of this craft.

Pretty tie dye clothing with natural dyes