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Natural Tie Dye Kits

I know some who would love to tie dye but don’t want to use the commercial kits because they like a more organic approach.

That is where natural tie dye kits come in. From beginner kits for kids to bundle dyeing kits to adults and everything in between, we found the best choices to use for natural dyeing.

Natural tie dye kits that use flowers and plants showing dyed fabric and yarn

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I first realized you could use natural dyes long ago. I enjoyed using plant dyes to make prints on fabric. Later I made some beautiful fabric to use in doll making. I also dyed wool fleece.

The results are always a surprise because you never know exactly how something is going to come out.

One thing I will tell you is that with these hand-picked kits the results will be beautiful.

See our post on the best white items to use for tie dye as well – includes both 100% cotton and organic options.

Natural Dye Kits

Make beautiful and natural tie dye projects using these incredible kits!

Don’t miss the natural dye kit in a sunny yellow in our other tie dye kit post. It toward the bottom and is worth checking out as well.

If you are looking for new technique ideas we found some awesome online tie dye classes you should see. Bonus: they are free!

Natural tie dye kits with dried flowers and powders to dye fabric