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Cardboard Castle Playhouses Every Kid Will Love

If you have not made a Cardboard Castle Playhouse for your kids yet, what are you waiting for?  They will love to have one to play in.

You can make one as a surprise, or even have them pick out the one they think they would like to make (or have you make for them.)

Involve them in the process! Kids are super inventive and come up with the very best ideas.  Plus, they will learn to make something along the way.

See more playhouse ideas here as well.

You cannot miss these awesome cardboard castles. Make one as a fort for your young knight today!

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small amount, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are my own and I share things I think would be of interest to boys.

There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, like imaginative play.  Setting up a playhouse is the perfect way to get them into using their imaginations. You may just be surprised at how often the playhouse gets used. Especially if you add a few new things once and a while.

By that I mean:

    • put some knight books and a blanket in there
    • play hide and seek and include the castle
    • get them some dress up clothes
    • make a sword and shield

Those types of things extend playtime and are so fun for them.

Cardboard box playhouse castles that you simply must see (and make!!)

Cardboard Castle Playhouses

Let’s take a look at all the awesome castles I found!

You are certain to find one that is just right for your family and if for some reason you don’t one that is perfect, you can simply combine some of these neat ideas and design your own!

Large Cardboard Castle

Large DIY Castle Playhouse
This large castle might take up a good part of your living room!

With two entrances, cathedral style windows, battlements and a pretty amazing throne this is a dream castle for kids.

They will gather all of their knight (or princess) gear and move right in!  Large Cardboard Castle Idea

Photo Booth Castle Playhouse

Castle Photo or Play Area
This is actually a cardboard photo booth castle but . . . if you set it up right your kids will find it to be a great playhouse as well.

I was thinking that all you really need are a couple of more boxes going back off of the front for stability. Or, you could make walls go all the way around in a square or rectangle as well.

Either way this fab looking castle is going to be a hit.  Use it for a party and then keep it up for them to play with for a long time to come.  Photo Booth Castle

Small but Mighty Castle Playhouse

Small Castle made from Cardboard
This is a small but mighty choice. It looks great. I wouldn’t mind this being in my living room one bit!

It also is cozy.  Many kids like to be enclosed in small playhouses and this one is perfect for that.  They feel rather comfortable and safe in smallish places.  Give it a try!  Small Nice Castle

Castle Fort

Large Castle Fort Cardboard Creation
Castles do not have to be fancy for kids to enjoy them. This one is combination of a castle and a fort and it turned out just right.

This is great if you have several kids who will be playing with it as it is plenty big.  Castle Fort Made of Cardboard

Kid Built Castle Playhouse

Kid Made Easy Cardboard Play Castle
What I love (LOVE!) about this castle is that it is kid-made and kid-decorated. They will be so proud of their work if you let them have free reign on how to decorate their own medieval keep.

I also really like the idea of having the crawling spaces added on. You can take that idea and run with it for any of the the other castles here as well!  Kid Made Playhouse

Fort Castle with Drawbridge

Cardboard Castle with Drawbridge and Flag
Get a big cardboard box and you can make this one in no time. Love the special touch of naming the castle with your child’s name – in this case, Fort Rex.

This cardboard castle has a drawbridge which totally adds to its charm.  It also has window flaps they can put up and down.  Interaction is the name of the game here and they will have fun with it.  Fort Castle from a Box

Fort Castle Video

Don’t miss this real life video of a guy and his kids building a castle. Not everything goes perfectly, but the end result is a castle they will all enjoy playing in.

Outdoor Cardboard Castle Playhouse

How to make a Cardboard Castle for Outside
Here is an outdoor cardboard castle. It is nice and big as well as fantastic looking.  The site is Mr. McGroovy and they sell connectors to put cardboard creations together. I have never used them myself so I don’t have any comments on how the work.

However, the reason I included it is because the site does have some fab ideas and this castle is one of them. They give a lot of good instructional tutorials on how to work with cardboard.

In this case you will find out what boxes you need, and particularly how to paint a brick wall. It is a site worth having a look at.  Mr McGroovy Castle

Fantasy Castle Playhouse

Fantasy Family Castle
This looks like it was made with purchased cardboard boxes as there is no writing on them.  You can certainly do that and it will look pretty great but you can also use the design idea and use what you can scrounge up.

There are not too many directions so you are going to have to figure stuff out yourself. I included it here for inspiration. Fantasy Castle

There is another castle idea in our cardboard playhouses for boys post below.

Wonderful cardboard castle playhouses for you to make! Your kids are going to go crazy for these!