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Cool Duct Tape Crafts for Boys to Make

Give these duct tape crafts for boys a try. We found some cool ones that we know they will enjoy making. (Boy approved!)

Your boys are going to want to make these cool duct tape crafts! There are some really great ideas here. Tap or click to see them all.

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My family has always made things. I’ve seen my dad do some amazing things with duct tape. We actually called it gray tape, but – same thing.

Only now there is a huge variety of different types and styles of duct tape. Believe me it has gone way beyond its original use.

Wait until you see these cool duct tape projects. Working with the tape is pretty easy, figuring out which one to make when there are so many cool ones? That may take a few minutes. Just ask your boy which one he wants to start with.

Duct Tape Crafts

Check out these duct tape craft for boys. Why for boys? Well, they were picked out by a boy mom and by boys and are crafts that especially appeal to them.

Yes, of course, anyone can do them but if you want to get boys making things and crafting you have to provide something they will actually like.

There is a huge variety of cool duct tapes to choose from. Check them out here to see which ones you and your boys would like to get.

This craft book, Tape It & Make It, looks pretty great. It has very good reviews.

Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities (Tape

I hope you found a fun duct tape project your boys will enjoy doing. I think we are going for the battle axe first.

Need more crafty ideas for your boys? Check these out!

Superhero Craft Kits

Superhero Crafts

If you have boys, you won't want to miss these! They have such cool duct tape out now that it is time to revisit duct tape crafts.