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Easy Star Wars Cookies (Tutorials Included!)

Easy Star Wars cookies that you can actually make in your own home! Plus, there are tutorials to show you how to make them. Doubly awesome!!

Love Star Wars? We do!

Since I have a sweet tooth I had to go take a look at what people were baking when it came to a sweet Star Wars themed treat that I could make myself.

I decided on cookies as those are usually pretty quick to make and I found some great ones to try.

You can make these easy Star Wars cookies yourself. Really! Great for a Star Wars birthday party, Star Wars Day or any time you want to make some geeky cookies.

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small amount, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are my own and I share things I think would be of interest to boys.

The first cookies I saw were really neat but it would have taken me all day to make them. I wanted something that looked great when it was finished but that was simple to do.

You can make these for a Star Wars birthday party, or for Star Wars Day, which is fittingly May the 4th (May the 4th be with you!)

I just wanted to make them on a regular old day because they are a fun food and I am a tad obsessed with those.

Do not be put off if you are not sure how to do things because the cookies included below have recipes included and a lot of great pictures and tutorials.  The Tie Fighter cookie even use store bought cookies! Can’t get much more basic than that!

You can totally make these.

I hope you like them as much as I do and have a lot of fun making them!

DIY Star Wars Cookies that you can actually make! We found easy to make cookies that look fabulous. Great for Star Wars birthday parties or May the 4th be with you day!

Easy Star Wars Cookies

No matter when you plan to bake these easy Star Wars cookies (or Star Wars Biscuits if you are a friend from the UK,) you are going to make your Star Wars fans very, very happy when you do.

Easy R2-D2 Star Wars Cookies

R2-D2 Star Wars Cookie
I love these. Let me just get that out of the way right off the bat.

I know they look a bit hard, but they aren’t. The only thing you need to know how to do is to flood a cookie with frosting.

I thought that might be a bit tough but it really isn’t and she has a great tutorial with a lot of pictures to show you exactly what you need to do.

A little tip to keep in mind is to just focus on the shapes. All of the decorating is just a bunch of shapes that together make up an adorable R2-D2 cookie. R2 D2 Cookies

How To Flood a Cookie

Here is a short video showing you how to flood a cookie. You can watch if you are not sure how that is done.

Gingerbread Wookiee Cookies

Star Wars Easy Wookee Cookie
The first time I saw the term Wookiee cookie it was in this fun cookbook.

These Wookiee cookies are gingerbread (which I do not like – sorry gingerbread fans.) If you do like gingerbread, great, then just follow her directions.

If not, you can make peanut butter cookies instead because the color is pretty close. Use creamy peanut butter if you do that so there are no chunks of peanuts showing. We don’t want chunky looking wookiees!

The decorating is very straight-forward as you can see and yet they look super!

Gingerbread Wookiees

Force Awakens Tie Fighter Cookies

Tie Fighter Cookies with Store Bought Cookies
Such a great idea! I think these 3-D cookies are tops.

If you are looking for a fun idea that isn’t hard, try these.

She used store bought cookies and that makes them very quick to make. Tie Fighter Cookies

Easy Star Wars Porg Cookies

Simple Porg Cookies
It seems that everyone loves the Porg from The Last Jedi. There are some fancy cookies out there featuring them but I couldn’t make them as they would take me all day! These, however, are just right.

Cute, aren’t they? If you look closely you will see that the mouths are upside down hearts. So clever.
Porg Cookies

Simple Storm Trooper Cookies

Storm Trooper Sugar Cookies to Bake
One thing about these cookies is they do use a special cookie cutter. However, if you don’t have that you can totally just decorate a regular cookie in this style.

I am thinking you can take a round cookie and just squish it in a bit at the bottom and on the sides to give it a little shape. Or, you could print out a storm trooper and cut around the template.

The decorations are pretty basic and you only need three colors of frosting. Storm Troopers

Star Wars Light Saber Cookies The Easy Way

Light Saber Cookies to Make At Home
Honestly, if you can cut cookie dough into a rectangle you are more than 1/2 way to making these light saber cookies.

The next effortless thing you need to be able to do is add few stripes of frosting. This is likely the easiest cookie on our list.

Get the kids to help you! Light Saber Cookies

Easily Done BB-8 Cookies

Easy BB8 Cookie
BB-8 is a wonderful cookie to try and I really like how she made these.

All you need is circle cookie cutters which is nice indeed as everyone likely has those. If you don’t you can find a glass or jar and just use that instead.

For the decorating, if you can make three half circles, a stripe and add a couple of M & Ms you are good to go. I can handle that and so can you! BB-8 Cookies

Star Wars Death Star Cookies

Death Star Cookie
These are little bit harder as the piping is more detailed but at the same time, you can decide just how much detail to add.

She has video tutorials showing you how to decorate the cookie. I think all your really need is some time and some patience. Oh, and a small writing tip. Death Star Cookie

This is the set of tips I have, but I wish I had gotten these because there is a much bigger variety of tips. Oh well, I’ll stick with mine for now. If I get really into cookie decorating I may spring for the others.

Star Wars Macarons

Star Wars Macarons Cookie Decorating Idea
Ok, yes, these are macarons, and macarons can be tricky to make. But, stay with me here, I didn’t include these because of that.

I included them because of the totally cool way you can take a single circle cookie cutter and make these fabulous looking cookies.

Just make sugar cookies and grab some frosting and do these up in no time. She has great images that show close-ups of the cookies so you can just take a look, frost and add the details. Star Wars Macarons

I hope you enjoyed this collection of easy Star Wars cookies! It was a bit hard to find ones that I could actually make and that I liked enough to include here.

Remember, they don’t have to be perfect either. Mine usually are not. Ha! But they are fun to make and there are never any cookies left on the plate so that tells me they were a hit.




These are some fun ideas for making Star Wars Cookies. They would be great to serve at a Star Wars party or, of course, any day of the week!