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Perler Bead Pattern: 3 Halloween Creatures Wearing Tophats!

Today I am sharing a cute trio of creatures. A ghost, a  spider and a little monster. They are all wearing top hats 🙂

How did these silly little Perler Bead Halloween creatures pattern come about?  I was playing with beads (again!) I wanted to use the glow in the dark beads I got and I also picked up a package of Halloween beads that included fun striped beads.

First I made the spider. He was rather small, and he seemed a bit lonely, so I made a little ghost and then decided to make the stripey monster.  I like to make small Perler bead projects. They are so fun and work up really fast.

I hope you enjoy these silly little guys.

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Silly little Halloween Perler Bead Creatures. A ghost, a spider and a little monster who are all wearing top hats! AND guess what - they glow in the dark!! Get the pattern by clicking through.

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Perler Bead Supplies

  • Perler Beads from the Pumpkin Patch Mix bead pack, and glow-in-the-dark beads (see below.) Or use regular orange, green, black, and purple beads. You can also get striped bead packs or trays and use those.
  • Small round pegboards – note: they come in the assorted pack. I bought several of these pegboard packs so several people could work on projects at the same time.
  • Perler Ironing Paper  or parchment paper
  • an iron

For these projects we used glow in the dark beads for the faces. You can get these beads in two ways.

  1. You can purchase separate packages of glow in the dark beads.
  2. You can purchase a bin of various colors of glow in the dark beads.

Note: I always buy Perler brand as I feel they work the best, are uniform in size, melt the easiest, and give you the best finished product . That way I know my projects will turn out great.

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    • Visit our Perler Bead Supplies Guide to see the best Perler Bead supplies. We picked the must-have supplies as well as those you will really want.

Halloween Creatures Perler Bead Pattern

Below I will give you general instructions for making each piece.  Please use the images for reference. But also feel free to make adjustments to the patterns. Try things. Have fun!

Halloween Spider wearing hat on pegboard

Spider with Top Hat Perler Bead Pattern

This was made on a small round pegboard.

1.The spider is 14 beads wide and 15 beads high including the top hat.

2. Make a circle in the center of your pegboard with glow in the dark beads. It is 7 beads across, adding in the eyes and three striped orange and black beads for the mouth. (if you don’t have striped beads you can order them here or use orange.)

3. Add in the legs – be sure you have 8 🙂 I made mine 3 beads long and put a striped bead at the end.

4. Add the top hat. I went 4 beads across for the rim and then 3 beads for the next two rows up.

You now have your spider design. Iron it and put something down on it to keep it flat. This is especially important because of the legs. If you don’t weigh it down they will likely bend.

Here he is completed.

Top Hat Spider Perler bead project completed.

Next we make our ghost.

Halloween Ghost Creature Perler Bead on pegboard.

Ghost Perler Bead Pattern

I wasn’t sure if I should call this a ghost or a pumpkin ghost or what. It is really just a silly little Halloween creature.

This was made on a small round pegboard.

1. The rim at the bottom is 11 beads wide, the head is 7 beads wide, the ghost with hat included is 15 beads high.

2. Make a circle with the glow in the dark beads, adding in the eyes and three green and purple striped beads for the mouth.

3. Add in the extra beads at the bottom.

4. Add an orange outline around the ghosty part.

5. Add the hat. I used 5 black beads for the rim, then 3 black and orange striped beads, then 3 more black beads to make the top hat.

Iron your ghost and put something on it to keep it flat.

Here is the completed project.
Halloween Ghost wearing a hat completed project


Last, but not least we have our little striped monster.

Striped monster wearing hat on pegboard.

Monster Perler Bead Pattern

This is a cute little striped monster.

This was made on a small round pegboard.

1. The width varies. The bottom going up to the tail is 12 beads wide. He is 14 beads tall.

2. The arm is 3 striped beads.

3. Make a circle with the glow in the dark beads, adding in the eyes and three green and purple striped beads around it. This is a total of 7 beads across.

4. Add the hat. I used 4 purple glow in the dark beads for the rim, then two stacks of 2 beads for the rest of the top hat.

Iron your little monster  and put something on it to keep it flat.

And here he is all finished and ironed.

Completed striped monster wearing hat Perler Bead project.


Now, we are not quite finished yet! Next we have to get them glowing.

Activating Glow in the Dark Perler Beads

To the beads to glow like shown in the picture below, put them in strong light for a while. Some colors glow better than others, the green we used for the faces glows better than the other colors we used so far.

I am happy with the green glow in the dark beads as they glow bright. See how nice they glow in the picture below.

I have an LED light that we use to activate the beads. You don’t need to do have one but it works great. If you don’t have that you can just hold them under a lamp.

Fun glow in the dark Halloween Perler bead creatures wearing top hats! Click to get the patterns.


Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy doing these Halloween Perler bead Creatures. We sure had fun designing them. Watch for more perler bead patterns coming soon.

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