Really Rockin’ Homeschool Unit Study on Robots

No doubt about it boys and robots are a great mix. So I thought . . . this calls for a Homeschool Unit Study on Robots!

We have put together a list of robot books, activities, LEGO, DIY and more so your boys can have fun while learning about robots. Using a homeschool unit study is a great way to get started because you can simply go down the list and explore.

Robots are fun to think about, fun to build and even more fun to imagine. Wouldn’t your boy love his own robot?  I know I would love to have one myself!  It could do the dishes and the floors, and take care of paying bills and all of the other gazillion things I have to do.

Well, I guess I won’t be getting a robot anytime soon but you and your boy can have some robot fun with this list.  Enjoy!

Really Rockin' Robot Roundup |

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are my own and I share things I think would be of interest to boys. Thanks for your support!

Homeschool Unit Study: Robots!

Robot Shadow Puppets:

Robot Shadow Puppets from LaMaisonDeLouLou – includes rocket, moon and planet as well.  Printable Template included.

Skull, tree and Robot shadow puppets.  Printable template included. 

Paper Robots:

12 Robots to color and add details to.  Some girl robots included but tell the boys they can share with a sister or make them look really crazy!

LaMaisonDeLouLou also has a neat set of Robot Cubes to make and includes printable templates to do so.

Get Scissors, and glue, fire up the printer and build some Awesome Paper Robots.  I mean it—these are really Awesome!  (images below–courtesy of LouLou & Tummie, thanks!)

Really Rockin' Robot Roundup | BrainPowerBoyReally Rockin' Robot Roundup |

This Paper Climbing Robot from Housing a Forest is DIY with simple supplies:  paper, string, tape, a penny, pieces of straw and a couple of beads.

Robot Masks can lead to a lot of imaginative play.  These are the neatest masks I could find. You could also use the basic idea and have your boy create his own. (image below–courtesy of Mr. Printables, thanks!)

Really Rockin' Robot Roundup |

Build your Own Robot printable (free) from PickleBums.  Parts and pieces to put together to make your own robot.  Print on paper, or on magnetic paper for some fridge fun.

Cardboard Robots with moveable head, arms and legs.  These are super easy to make and boys can design their own robots.  Nice for younger boys.

DIY Robots:

Spoonful has a group of easy to make Robots.  They are all made from tin cans, bottle caps, cans and misc. parts.  Pretty darn cute.  I think you will like it because all the parts are connected with strong magnets making it an open-ended activity that can be used for a long time.  See RealPurdy for another way to use this idea.

This framed robot felt board is a really cute idea as it can be an ever-changing decoration for a boys room as well as a toy.  Build new robots daily.  Easy!

How about a few Scrap wood Robots to inspire your creativity. You could easily make them more robot-y with the right bits and pieces. Here are a few more wooden robots for inspiration.

Homeschool Unit Study Robots ideas:

Check out this robot puzzle idea.  You need to buy the files through UnTrendy Life.  I think they are really cute. (not an affiliate link–I just like her stuff)   You could also have your boy make his own in a drawing program and print them out if you like. (image below–courtesy of UntrendyLIFE–thanks Dora!)

Really Rockin' Robot Roundup |

Art Robots for all ages.  The instructions are for young children but this looks like a fun project for everyone. They use a clear CD case for the body which is really clever.

You can also follow the directions in this neat How to Draw a Robot slideshow or create one on your own.

When looking for fun robot stuff I was excited to find these.  Do you remember them? They take me back.  And your boys might enjoy these Robots by artist Mark Rivamonte.

Really Rockin' Robot Roundup | BrainPowerBoy.comWe found an online build-your-own robot creator. The image on the left is of what my son made–pretty neat eh? This would be fun for boys to mess around with for a while.  They have a lot of different parts to use.


The Cockroach Vibrobot costs about 2.50 each to make.  Yes, you can buy something similar but they are more expensive and besides the fun is in the making.

Here is a vibrobot from Make Magazine made with a candy tin, coat hanger, and a motor plus a couple of wires and a battery.

Make your own vibrating robot with a bit of style.  Very good detailed instructions with a lot of pictures.

Kinetic Drawing Bug Robot.  Using a small motor and battery holder plus a bit of wiring and plastic tubing your boys can create this cool moving robot.  You can hook up a pencil to it to watch it “draw” or make a few and race them instead!

Robot Books:

One of my husband’s favorite books when he was a kid was The Runaway Robot and my son thought it was great as well. Alas, it isn’t available through regular channels unless you want to pay a whole lot. I am including the image here so you can be on the lookout for a copy–or ask for it at your local library.

Here are a few fun robot books for you and your boy to read and enjoy.

For those who really get into robots and want to know more about how they work or want to have a book to try to build your own you can try:

LEGO Robots:

Yellow LEGO Robot with instructions.  Neat ideas to use on your own creations or build the one that is featured.

Here is a bit of LEGO Robot inspiration for your and your boys.  There are no instructions but they look pretty easy to build.  Plus, they use some neat pieces in unusual ways.

See the video below for LEGO robot instructions by Sean Kenney.  Sean kindly agreed to let me interview him.  Find out what he had to say about LEGO and learning.  You can also check out reviews of his books, including the Cool LEGO book he uses in the video, right here on this site.

Special thanks goes out to my son for contributing to this post!  Here is the “cool robot” he made out of LEGO after watching the video from Sean Kenney.

Really Rockin' Robot Roundup |

Older boys might enjoy building a omnidirectional holonomic LEGO robot.  This takes some specialty pieces and a bit of know-how but there are detailed directions and it looks like a super project.

If your boy is a hands-on learning/kinestetic learner and you want to go all out you can just get the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 along with this book and be done with it.  Hours and hours of fun robot learning will be ahead for both of you.  (I’m secretly hoping my son ends up wanting one so I can play with it too :)

Robot FunFood:

How about a Wall-E Sandwich or this robot sandwich for lunch or a snack after some intense robot making!

Then make your own marshmallow robot treats and Rice Krispie treat robots as well–really cute.

Well, that wraps up our Homeschool Unit Study on Robots. I hope you and your boy(s) have a lot of fun playing with and creating robots.  Let us know what you build!  If you like this post, I would appreciate it if you would share it with others (handy sharing tools below.)

Really Rockin' Robot Roundup |

If you have ideas for a homeschool unit study that would be just perfect for your boy, leave a comment below or use the contact form.  We may just do one for you!

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    • Sheila says

      Thanks Kate :) Sweet of you to stop by and leave a comment. Loved your Build Your Own Robot with printable–so cute. ~Sheila

    • Sheila says

      Thanks for stopping by Clare. Yes, I would love to link up to your party. On my way to do so . . .

  1. says

    Ooooh! I love these ideas. I especially like paper robots for those times when I don’t feel like turning the house into a science lab/mechanic’s garage :)

    • Sheila says

      LOL, yup I know what you mean about your house being turned into a lab or garage–funny :) I like the paper robots too.

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    I love those robot masks!! Especially since I could use them to teach our little one shapes and he loves wearing things on his head/face. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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    Yes, kids love robots! My son is on The First Lego League Team Robotics competition. Awesome learning opportunity! Last week, we went to view Sean Kelley’s Lego sculpture exhibit at our botanical garden. So cool.

    We did robot “junk” pumpkins a few years ago. That would tie in nicely with your theme and the kids had so much fun. And guess what . . . no carving mess.

  4. says

    Don’t know how old your boy is, but a great robot activity (for boys and girls) is BEST robotics. Younger students can attend a competition and older students can join a team and build a robot.

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