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Awesome LEGO Science Projects!

We rounded up a bunch of neat LEGO science projects to share with you. There is everything from a flashlight, to a zipline, to a neat magnet maze. They are going to have fun and learn a lot by trying these ideas.

LEGO and science! What a great combination.  We love to play around with bricks and I am always amazed at how much LEGO Learning we get in.

I hope you enjoy them!

9 totally awesome LEGO Science Projects that get kids learning while they are having a ton of fun. LEGO bridge construction, magnet maze, zip line, flashlight and more.

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LEGO Science Projects

You know I am fussy when I pick these out for you, right?  Well, I am! I want you to be able to find the best of the best projects to do without having to dig about the Internet for 2 hours to find them.

I try to present things that are super fun but also have a learning twist.

This LEGO Magnet Maze activity gets kids thinking about magnet strength and constructing a maze that will actually work. There are so many variations you can try.

I really like this LEGO Engineering Sensory Bin.  You put LEGO pieces in a sensory bin and kids have to find the pieces, sort them, and assemble the item.  You could make it easy for younger builders to quite complex for older builders.

Exploring surface tension with LEGO plates (see a good collection of plates if you need more.) You have likely seen the experiment with pepper in a bowl of water and what happens when you dip your finger in dish soap and put it in the center of the pepper. If not, they include that one too. But did you know you could try it with LEGO bricks?  Fun.  

How low can you go? Build a bridge and see how much weight it can hold. Then build it again with 20% fewer pieces and keep trying until you have the least possible number of pieces left.

Here are more bridge building ideas. They are good inspiration for making your own.

Read on for more great ideas . . .

LEGO Science Project Supplies

Build a LEGO Minifig Electric Playdough Clock. Really!  To get a bit of building in as well, I would suggest trying to construct a nice LEGO frame for the clock.

This is a super fun LEGO science project! Create a balloon powered LEGO car. How fast will it go, what adjustments can you make to get it to go faster? Can you make it go up a ramp. There are so many experiments you can try with this one! 

Another really fun idea is to create a LEGO Zip Line. Explore friction, gravity, slope and more. 

One more! . . . Make a LEGO LED Flashlight. You do have to destroy a brick to do this. This project is a little harder so your child may need a bit of help with it. Here are the links for the toggle and the LED lightbulb you need to make the flashlight.

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