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Star Wars Graduation Gifts for Boys

At graduation time, there are no better idea than these Star Wars graduation gifts for boys which are perfect for Star Wars fans.

There are so many gift ideas out there that it can be a bit overwhelming to know what to get for graduates. We feel ya! It can be hard. (See all of our gift guides for boys if you need more ideas.)

We brainstormed a bunch of ideas, searched back through gifts we have given, and came up with this incredible list.

It is going to help you find the very best, out of this world and into the Star Wars universe, present for your grad.

Graduation Gifts for Boys Who Are Star Wars Fans! They are going to love what you get them when you use this list!!

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small amount, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are my own and I share things I think would be of interest to boys.

Star Wars Graduation Gifts for Boys

These gift ideas are wonderful for many ages. You can fit the gift to the boy.

When I was growing up they didn’t have multiple ceremonies throughout a child’s life. We only had high school graduation and college graduation. Now there are many in between and homeschoolers also celebrate their own versions.

Star Wars Pens for Graduates

Pens are a pretty traditional gift for grads.

I got a nice cross pen when I graduated from high school.  My husband got an incredible pen from his brother and his wife when he got his Master’s degree.  So, I knew that including pens in this list was a must.

I found three pens that are just right. They are very nice, have great ratings, and are high quality writing instruments, not just a cheap pen.  They will be very happy to have one of these!This beautiful Star Wars Stormtrooper pen features intricate detailing. It is a fountain pen with a fine nib which happens to be 18K solid gold. Treasures do not come cheap but according to reviewers, this pen is worth it.

This three pack from Cross is great for gel pen fans. Darth Vader, C-3PO, and R2-D2 are favorites and your grad will enjoy using these smooth gliding click pens. Pair them with a journal from the selections below and you have a great gift.

If you prefer to give a ready-made set, you will not go wrong with this one. There are three different character options available. We are sharing the Darth Vader version.  They are all cool though!

The journal has an embossed design, 160 lined acid free pages of quality paper, and a ribbon page marker. The actually pen slips into the spine for storage which is pretty slick.

Star Wars Journals

I think a journal is especially nice for this time of a person’s life because the boys are embarking on a new journey.  They are starting new exciting adventures, and learning new interesting things.

Keeping track of all of that in a keepsake notebook or journal is a great idea and something they will enjoy looking back at as the years go by.

You can pair these journals with a pen from the options above or slip cash into the front of the cover.  You know cash is always a winner!
Moleskine! Need I say more?  The design on this tie fighter journal is awesome. It is a hard cover and is limited edition. The price was on a massive markdown when I was writing this. Prices vary but I hope it still is when you check it out.

There is a blue cover with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in a light saber fight through the same link, if you think they may like that one better.

This hardcover journal with lined pages is from Hallmark. It has 160 pages and is a 6 X 8 size. Nice for tossing in a backpack or briefcase. The cover is silver and black with foil accents.

Another cool design from Moleskine (such high quality products – I love them.) This one is a Kylo Ren image and is a limited edition hardcover size A5. It has lined pages, custom end pages (with a pull-out!) and even comes with stickers.

It also comes in a black and white stormtrooper option. Go take a look at them, they are neat!

Star Wars Frames for Graduation Picture

You know there are going to be cameras and smart phones snapping away to grab the perfect shots. Is there a better way to display a cherished graduation picture than in a Star Wars picture frame? No way!

TIP:  A fun picture frame gift idea is to snap pictures of the graduate (or if you are long-distance have someone send you a few) and frame up the best one and include a gift card or cash behind the glass. They can then use it for a special occasion or something they really want.

A great choice for a family picture with the graduate. You may just have to get two, one for him and one to display in your own home! I know many guys who go to college or have their own apartment that like to have a family picture set up to kind of keep them company.

Either way this The Force is Strong in My Family frame is a great choice for those who like to celebrate their family bonds in a geeky way.

I like this one because he can add three pictures. Perfect for getting friends and family pics in the same place. The Star Wars theme cutouts look pretty cool, right?!

Not matter what the age of your boy or what graduation is being celebrated, this frame is tops.

The words in this Star Wars saying, You have learned much, young one” were spoken by Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. And in case you were wondering, Luke responds, “You’ll find I am full of surprises.”  I bet the fan you get this for will know that bit of trivia.

This frame is actually my favorite because we tend to forget how far we have come since the beginning, how much we have actually learned, and since we are older and wiser, we know they need confidence to move forward and learn even more.

Star Wars Business Card Holders

As they move out into the world, they will likely have business cards to give and to collect. Yes, things are moving digital, but handing someone a business card is a time-honored way of connecting and it is still thriving today – even among the younger set.

You can even get cards printed for them though I would check with their parents or even with them after you give them the business card holder to see what they would like on their cards.

Is there anything more classic than Han Solo frozen in Carbonite? From The Empire Strikes Back, this iconic scene is brought to a business card holder with style.

This incredible case is available at the time I wrote this but there are limited cases available. If you are interested, do go grab one now.

If they are out of stock, drop me a comment and I will replace this with another option if they are not going to be restocked.

Japanese made, this Star Wars Darth Vader business card holder has a solid build. The weight is even mentioned in the reviews because it is heavier than some people expected.

Heavy duty construction and quality materials are always appreciated. Pass if your boy tends to travel light, but if not, they will like carrying this in their pocket or pack. (It is small so it isn’t like it weight a ton anyway!)

More ideas below!

Need a unique and fun graduation gift for boys? Try these Star Wars Graduation Gifts! Geeks, nerds and huge fans of all things Star Wars will love these fun gifts!

Star Wars Mugs for Boys

I really like giving a mug because not only does the boy getting it enjoy the mug itself, but I stick in other goodies for him as well.

Ideas for Star Wars graduation gifts to go with the mug:

I could go on, but you get the picture. There are a lot of fun small ideas to add that they will really enjoy. I usually add several. This makes a super fun grad gift!

The R2-D2 coffee mug is shaped! Very hip!  It is made of ceramic. Holds 16 ounces.

Simply put, every geek I know loves this Starbucks inspired, May the Froth Be With You mug! Holds 11 ounces.

I couldn’t miss sharing this special mug because it is amazing!! If you look at the bottom of the mug you see the light saber hilts.

When a hot liquid is added to the mug, the magic happens and the different colored light sabers appear.  It is thermochromatic 🙂  Super cool!  There are 13 light sabers surround the mug.  Holds 13 ounces.

Star Wars Laptop Bags and Backpacks

Whether they are graduating from high school or college and and traveling, moving into the workforce, or starting their own business, they need one of these!

Guys today are into tech and these bags are especially designed to carry laptops, tablets and even their phone.  The Star Wars themed designs are a nice twist from the traditional bag.

I am personally keen on this grey wool and poly top handle Imperial bag. Not only does it look cool but the handle at the top is awesome. It also includes adjustable shoulder straps. 
With padded shoulder straps and plenty of pockets the Boba Fett laptop bag is a hit! The reviews speak for themselves.

Extra Star Wars Graduation Gifts Ideas for Guys

If nothing has hit you yet as the just right gift for your boy, I’ll give you a few more things to consider.

If you want to slip them a gift before they graduate or even to add to their motar board to display it after they have gone through the ceremony, The Force is Strong With This Grad decal is just the ticket. There are other styles here.

Star Wars Yoda Saying Graduation Print

Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try, is the famous saying from Yoda. It is pretty much perfect for boys who are getting ready to move on to a different phase of their life.

I really like this fabulous print which is handmade and printed onto a vintage dictionary page.  Note: this is unframed and is shipped so leave some time for shipping and also to go find a nice frame for it as well.

Death Star Book Ends

Woah! A Death Star book end set is a great idea! If your boy is someone who loves to read, I know he will think this is amazing.  It is cut from multiple layers of wood and has a cork bottom.  There is also a natural color one if that is more to his taste.

Star Wars Gift Wrap Supplies

Don’t forget coordinating wrapping supplies! Hallmark still makes the best paper in my opinion. It is not too thin and not too thick.

This colorful gift bag is nice looking as well.

These are all amazingly awesome Star Wars graduation gifts for boys!

I hope you found the perfect gift for your graduate. I know true Star Wars fans will totally appreciate the effort you went through to get them something they will absolutely love using.

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