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Minecraft Perler Bead Pattern: Steve

We have been busy playing around with perler beads again. Sticking with our Minecraft Perler Bead Pattern series, today we have Steve.

You can’t really have a series on Minecraft without including Steve, now can you?

My son designed this to share with all of you. He looked at a picture of Steve and went to work. Hope you like it.

Use the Minecraft Steve Perler Bead Pattern below and your kids can make one themselves.

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Make a Minecraft Steve! Part of a series of perler bead patterns for Minecraft lovers.


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Perler Bead Pattern:  Minecraft Steve

So far we have made a pattern for the Creeper and the Skeleton so be sure to check those out as well (links at bottom of article.)

Perler Bead Steve Supplies:

To help you make Steve I will give you some basic directions and dimensions. Please use the image for reference.

  • Steve is 7 beads wide and 14 beads tall
  • His body is 3 beads wide and his arms are two beads wide
  • He has brown hair, blue eyes, flesh colored face and arms, green shirt, purple pants and black shoes.
  • He used beads from mixed color pack (see below.)

Make our Steve or change the design a bit to make him all your own.

See our Star Wars Perler Bead R2-D2, Minecraft Perler Bead Pattern: Creeper, and Minecraft Perler Bead Pattern: Skeleton for more perler bead ideas.

More Minecraft Perler Bead patterns coming soon!

Click images for more information on what we use or see our big Perler Bead Supply Guide.

Perler Beads Funfusion: Large Clear Interlocking Pegboards, 2pcs Perler Multi-Mix Fuse Beads Jar, Assorted Colors, Pack of 22000 Perler Beads Extra Large Clear Pegboard

Perler bead patterns are a great way to get started making some designs.

If you know someone else who might like to do this project, would you do us a favor and share it with them by using the sharing buttons below.  Thank you!


Saturday 25th of July 2015

I keep walking past the perler beads in the store because I think my kiddos are too little - but today my daughter was decorating playdoh butterflies with teeny beads so maybe she could give this a try. Although we wouldn't probably start with Steve - as they have no idea what Minecraft is! I do however know two tween boys who would love this! Pinning for my friends to see :)