Easter Egg Drawing Challenge

I challenged my son to move his drawing from paper to Easter Eggs. Tips for trying this fun Easter Egg Decorating activity.

Today we have a quick and easy activity to try.  Drawing on Easter eggs. My son loves to draw and I am happy to provide materials that he would like to try.  I was thinking about how he was not into decorating Easter Eggs last year (read more here) and I thought that perhaps he […]

Learn Pencil Magic Tricks: Billatration

Learn how to do magic tricks with a pro. Video tutorial of pencil through dollar bill. Learn this easy pencil magic trick today by clicking the picture to visit BrainPowerBoy.com

Many of you do not know this but my husband is a professional magician.  Pick a card, any card, is a constant part of my life. He started doing magic when he was a young boy and picked it up again as an adult. Since then he has been performing in libraries, at festivals, and […]

Best Books for Boys: Fun Food Cookbooks

Get boys cooking with these fun food cookbooks boys will love. A dozen fun food cookbooks filled with neat ideas.

While working on the best books for boys list I was trying to find some cookbooks that were written with boys in mind.  I really enjoy cooking with my son and think cooking is a skill that all boys should learn. I was able to find quite a few. While I was poking around looking […]

Videos on How to Make your Own Robot

We love robots. You can Make Your Own Robot with these neat You Tube Videos. Part of our Homeschool Unit Study on Robots.

We have a new Homeschool Unit Study starting and I am really excited about it.  I hope you are too. It is all about robots!  The boys I know love robots. They like the read about them, make some silly robots and even pretend to be a robot. Here are some videos so that they can […]

Easter Eggs for Boys to Make

Get boys crafting and decorating Easter eggs with LEGO, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Volcano, dinosaur, TMNT, Super Mario Bros. eggs and more.

Easter egg decorating is so enjoyable. We do it each and every year. However, as my son is getting older he has less interest in just slipping eggs into the dye and calling it done. So . . . because I would like to continue our egg decorating for a while longer I found these […]

Easter LEGO Designs

Build some cute LEGO Easter projects. 3 fun projects that you can really build. 2 LEGO Easter Bunny projects and a LEGO Mosaic Easter Chick.

It is getting close to Easter and that means we are thinking spring! Bunnies, chicks and Easter baskets came to mind when we decided to make a few Easter LEGO Designs for you. There are three projects for you to try.  An Easter bunny with a basket and two LEGO Easter mosaic ideas. We had […]

L is for LEGO

L is for LEGO is part of a the awesome ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings. Find out why LEGO is great for learning.

I am participating in the The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings run by Suzy Homeschooler. For each letter of the alphabet a blogger is doing post with a geek theme. She mentioned LEGO and I was in. L is for LEGO! You know I love LEGO. I write about it on the site all the […]

Gift Guide for Boys: Easter Basket Ideas

Need an Easter Basket Gift for a special boy in your life? Great ideas plus free printable gift certificates.

Easter! I can’t wait to get my son’s Easter Baskets together each year. I also like to hide them. My dad was the best Easter Basket hider ever. It was so hard to find those baskets which made it a whole lot of fun. One year my parents actually got us bunnies, real live bunnies for […]