Ways to Save Money on Books

Best Books for Boys, Book Buying Tips

As a homeschooling mom of 5, and an avid reader, books play an important role in our family, and I keep our bookshelves stocked with lots and lots of books for both myself and my kids. As a kid I always loved getting new books and now I love to take my kids to the bookstore [...]

Learn About Pirates Matey With This Unit Study

Learn about Pirates with this Pirate Unit Study. Fun ideas!

Pirates are fascinating and boys really love them. We went through a long pirate phase that resurfaces every once and a while. My son really loved pirates and it was hard to find enough materials to satisfy him. He wanted to know Everything! A good homeschool unit study is great for this very reason. Don’t [...]

Pirate Books for Young Buccaneers

Great annotated selection of engaging and fun pirate books for the young buccaneer. Arr!

Finding good pirate books can be a bit of a challenge. We found some great ones in our Best Books for Boys: Pirate Books post which we called A Treasure Chest of Pirate Books–yes, they are that good! However, many of those were geared toward older boys. This list is for your young buccaneers. Good, [...]

The LEGO Movie Games

Boys will enjoy playing The LEGO Movie games.

The LEGO Movie is so popular. There are a lot of fun things you can do based on the movie and ways to learn from it as well. See our other The LEGO Movie posts for more ideas. Is your boy still enjoying the movie and all that surrounds it? I know a lot of [...]

LEGO Minifigures Online

LEGO Minfigures Online Game great for boys.

LEGO Minifigures Online is a new and exciting LEGO game.  LEGO teamed with Funcom to bring the world of minifigs to life.  There is a huge variety of minifigs and a lot of different worlds to explore. Each one bringing treasures, as well as peril. The game requires a download to play. You can sign [...]

A Treasure Chest of Pirate Books for Boys

Best Books for Boys Pirate Books for Boys

Many boys love pirates and all things piratey.  We have rounded up the best books for boys about pirates.  These are super books that boys will have a great time reading. The best part is that boys will also learn a lot about pirates, history, geography and more along the way. These books were chosen [...]

Get Boys Learning at Free Museum Day

Boys Learning Museums

Smithsonian Free Museum Day is coming soon!  You can go to a Smithsonian Participating Museum on Saturday, September 27, 2014 and get free admission for two to the museum.   We have taken advantage of this great program ever since we found out about it a few years ago. Boys’ Learning: Museums are great places [...]

Sail Ho! It’s a Pirate Ships Unit Study

Homeschool Unit Study Pirate Ships for Boys Learning

Pirate ships are an awesome part of pirate history. This homeschool unit study on pirates focuses on many pirate ship topics.  Learn what type of ships where used by real pirates.  Your boy might be surprised to learn that most pirate ships were not very big as they preferred ships that would be swift and [...]

The LEGO Movie: Ways Boys Can Learn From It

The LEGO Movie: Use this making of The LEGO Movie for some fun learning for boys

When The LEGO Movie came out it was an instant hit.  Now that it has been out for a while and was released on DVD I thought it would be interesting to gather information on how The LEGO Movie was made. If you have a boy who is into The LEGO Movie or who loves [...]

Discover Lesser-Known Wordless Picture Books

Best Books for Boys Wordless Picture Books List

Best Books for Boys:  Wordless Picture Books That Are Worth Seeking Out We have been doing a few posts on wordless picture books in our quest to find the best books for boys. Each wordless picture book here was chosen specifically with boys in mind.  There are so many reasons to read wordless picture books. [...]