Homeschool Unit Study: Coding

For an entire series on coding try this great homeschool unit study. Something for everyone.

Coding is something that is in the news all the time. “Kids need to learn to code,” and “all kids should learn coding,” are common headlines. While I am not sure that all kids need to learn to code, I do think that having a basic knowledge of coding and what it is all about […]

9 Dinosaur Activities for Toddlers and Their Big Brothers

Need activities your dinosaur loving toddler can do with a big brother? Try these fun and easy dinosaur activities today.

9 Dinosaur activities for toddlers and their big brothers to enjoy together! Do you have a toddler boy who worships his big brother and always wants to play with him? If you sometimes struggle to find activities they can do together keep reading because we have a wonderful collection of dinosaur activities for toddlers and […]

Homeschool Unit Study: Coding Unplugged

What do monsters, peanut butter and jelly, beads, drawing, fruit and treasure hunts have to do with coding? Try these unplugged coding games to find out.

What do fruit, turtles, peanut butter and jelly, treasure maps, monsters and beads have to do with coding? Keep reading to find out! Coding is becoming such a popular thing for kids to do. My son and I have tried a few different coding activities from our Homeschool Unit Study Coding Series and I can […]

11 Great Dinosaur Drawing Books

The very best dinosaur drawing books. 11 different books sure to please your dinosaur artist.

Dinosaurs! I remember a time when all we talked about were dinosaurs. We played with them, read about them, and because my son is big into drawing, we drew a lot of them too. Dinosaurs seem to be one of those topics that a lot of boys really take to. We went looking for the […]

LEGO Organization and Storage: 3 Methods for Sorting

Trying to gain control over all the LEGO taking over your house? See which methods will work best for your family.

After you take into account the LEGO Organization and Storage Considerations¬†we spoke about in the first part of our series, you are ready to move forward. Do make sure that you look over the first post above and have taken the time to watch your boy play with LEGO and get his opinions on what […]

Valentines for Boys

Big selection of Valentines perfect for boys. Superhero, alien, car, pirate, robot, dinosaur, Minecraft, and LEGO!

Boys like valentines but sometimes it is hard to find ones they think are cool. There is a lot of pink out there folks! When my son went to a party we made our valentines. The next time we needed them he wanted pirate ones. We went to the store and could only find valentines […]

Funny Valentine’s Day Books for Boys

Funny, silly, crabby, non-pink Valentine books to get boys laughing.

Valentine’s day is coming up and since we love to read and try to find the best books for boys we set out to see if we could find some good “boy” books for Valentines. To be honest we were not too sure we would be able to put together enough good ones to make […]

LEGO Organization and Storage Considerations

Got LEGO? If they are taking over your house, or you want to get organized, read this to help you choose the a LEGO Organization solution that will WORK!

LEGO organization and storage is something that I hear a lot of moms talking about. After all, those little bricks certainly add up quickly when you have a brick lover (or several!) in the family. If you find yourself getting a bit upset about all of the LEGO that is spreading across your house, you […]