Tips for Planning a Dinosaur Fossil Dig Party

Dinosaur Fossil Party Tips and Learning Activities

Dinosaurs and boys go together like peanut butter and jelly! If you are celebrating a dinosaur lover in your home, planning a dinosaur fossil dig birthday party may just earn you petrified brownie points! Building on your child’s interests, go prehistoric when it comes to invitations, activities, refreshments, decorations and favors. Jennifer Carver, from the [...]

Free Printable Sight Word Game

Printable Sight Word Game

We have been homeschooling for three years. Our twins were in Kindergarten when we started. I have taught them how to read- what a huge undertaking, but something I am so proud of. Learning sight words has been a part of our process. I created this free printable sight word game to make it hands-on [...]

Homeschool Unit Study: Coding, Getting Started

Homeschool Unit Study Coding Series

“Where can I learn about coding?” is a question that I am hearing quite often. So I decided to do a Homeschool Unit Study: Coding post and share some great resources. We gathered the best resources available for getting started with coding for you and your boy. There will be several posts in this series so be [...]

Read My Latest Boys’ Learning Post

Boys Learning 5 ways to help boys learn

As you know I write about boys’ learning in addition to the best books for boys, homeschool unit study resources, LEGO,  boys’ learning styles and much more! I did a guest post over on 3 Boys and a Dog and wanted to tell you about it. The post is called 5 Ways to Help Your Boy [...]

Cook with Pumpkins + Free Printable!

Cook with Pumpkins--Free Printable

It’s all about the GUTS to boys when it comes to carving a pumpkin! I think one of my favorite things to do at this time of year is to carve a pumpkin. We’ve never done any scary carvings, we usually do fun creative art carvings. But . . . No matter what the carvings have [...]

Artist in LEGO Bricks Interview Series: Jordan Schwartz

Artist in LEGO Bricks Interview with Jordan Schwartz

The very first time I saw Jordan Schwartz’s work I knew I had to try to get an interview with him. I reviewed a copy of his awesome (and I really mean that) book The Art of LEGO Design and knew I had to track him down to see if he would agree to answer [...]

LEGO Learning: Math Games

LEGO Math Games that are easy to set up and fun to play.

LEGO is all about math. Playing with it requires various math skills and spatial reasoning. The great thing is that LEGO is such an engaging toy it is likely that math is not even on the minds of the boys who are playing with it. Playing games is a great way to get a concept [...]

The LEGO Neighborhood Book

Best Books for Boys LEGO

Well, who wouldn’t want to build their own LEGO neighborhood?! Brian Lyles and Jason Lyles are brothers and the author’s of The LEGO Neighborhood Book.  You and your boy will get so many great ideas you won’t want to wait to get started. No Starch Press sent me a copy of the book so I [...]

Ways to Save Money on Books

Best Books for Boys, Book Buying Tips

As a homeschooling mom of 5, and an avid reader, books play an important role in our family, and I keep our bookshelves stocked with lots and lots of books for both myself and my kids. As a kid I always loved getting new books and now I love to take my kids to the bookstore [...]

Learn About Pirates Matey With This Unit Study

Learn about Pirates with this Pirate Unit Study. Fun ideas!

Pirates are fascinating and boys really love them. We went through a long pirate phase that resurfaces every once and a while. My son really loved pirates and it was hard to find enough materials to satisfy him. He wanted to know Everything! A good homeschool unit study is great for this very reason. Don’t [...]