Leprechaun Trap LEGO Designs

Make a LEGO Leprechaun Trap! A fun LEGO St. Patrick's Day activity.

We are getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day, so we geared up and built some LEGO Leprechaun Traps. Have you built your traps yet? It is a fun, creative, (and silly!) activity to do with your kids. We love to create with LEGO and making our own LEGO Designs is one of our favorite ways […]

5 Ways to Play and Learn with LEGO and Playdough

Fun playdough activities using LEGO!

Anna is here to share wonderful ideas on learning with LEGO and Playdough today.   Playdough and LEGO are two of our favourite toys, so I have been looking for some fun ways to combine them and include some learning fun. They are both really versatile toys so the possibilities are endless. You can use […]

8 Books to Get Boys Coding

8 super books for getting your boys coding.

I went looking for some books to go with a coding series (link below) we just finished up here on Brain Power Boy. I am always on the lookout for the best books for boys! The series has over 50 resources with games, apps, computer programs to try, as well as activities for learning about […]

Exploring Leads to Learning

Boys Learning: Tips, by age, for helping boys explore their world and what they learn by doing so.

Boys need the time and space to explore. They need to get out in the world and climb trees, turn over rocks, and watch the clouds. They need to visit new places and seek out things of interest to them. They need to be trusted to go exploring! Take them places where they can look […]

Great Games to Play—Warning! You Might Learn Some Math

Have a lot of fun playing games while learning basic math at the same time. Includes mathematical analysis of games.

Math was not my favorite subject in school! What about you? Yet, developing a positive feeling toward math is important, as basic math is used throughout our lives. I don’t want my son to “hate” math! So, to combat the possible math hate, we use a few different ideas to try to get across positive […]

Pow! Zap! Boom! Superhero Picture Books for Boys

Non-commercial superhero picture books chosen especially for boys.

Superheroes are a perennial boy favorite and we didn’t have a superhero list in our best books for boys series. Horrible ommision! So let’s take care of that little problem right now. Our first superhero list is for the younger set. We are featuring Superhero picture books that go beyond Batman and Superman. We love to […]

Be Amused and Amazed with Rube Goldberg Video

8 Rube Goldberg Machine Videos you and your kids will love including LEGO and Minecraft machines.

You are going to really love these awesome machines! Rube Goldberg Machines are complex machines that are designed to complete a simple task. Really a ridiculous idea, isn’t it? Create a super complex way to do an exceedingly simple thing. That is where the fun comes in. So, for example, instead of just putting down some […]

Play and Learn with Rube Goldberg Machines

Wonderful resource full of great Rube Golberg Ideas including machines, books, projects, videos and more.

Use this Homeschool Unit Study to Play and Learn with Rube Goldberg and His Wonderful Machines. Rube Goldberg is best known for his drawings of complicated machines designed to complete simple tasks.  Many know he was a cartoonist but did you know that he was also an inventor and an engineer?  He won a Pulitzer Prize […]