Fun Wordless Picture Books to Read

Great Wordless Picture Books to Try

Wordless picture books are so much fun and you can certainly learn a lot from them. Take a look at our post on The Benefits of Wordless Picture Books for more information. These books have always had a special place in our household and I hope that you will find them enriching for your family. […]

LEGO Learning: Christmas Projects to Make

LEGO Learning: Christmas Projects. Includes fun Christmas LEGO ideas, videos and instructions for building.

LEGO is one of our favorite learning tools. It is a ton of fun to play around with. I rounded up some really great (I hope you think so too!) Christmas LEGO projects for your boys to build. We have a reindeer, a Christmas tree, ornaments and small gift boxes you can make that actually […]

Homeschool Unit Study: Coding Apps

Homeschool Unit Study Coding. Learn to code with apps! Totally free apps that are great for coding.

Learning about coding is a lot of fun and we are moving along in our series. You can visit our Homeschool Unit Study for all of the posts in this series and other fun unit study posts as well. I am excited about this one as there are some very neat coding apps out there […]

Boys’ Learning: Sensory Bins

Boys Learning: Sensory bins for older boys.

Sensory bins are great for boys’ learning and because boys like them so much I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at them as a hands-on learning option for your boys. So, what exactly is a sensory bin? Well, each bin is different, but basically it is a container of some […]

Robots! Fiction Books for Boys

12 Awesome Robot Fiction Books

Robots play a part in many boys’ fantasy lives. They think they are cool, wish they had one, want to build one, dream about them and think about robots all the time. If you are in the robot stage, this list is for you. If you have not gotten there yet, pin it, you are […]

Non-Fiction Books About Snowflakes

Learn all about snowflakes with this annotated list of non-fiction books. Amazing & Beautiful Topic.

Snowflakes! They are truly a wonderous thing. I have been fascinated with snowflakes since I was a small child trying to catch them on my tongue. I also loved to hold my red mitten out to see them land and then examine each tiny flake. They are so beautiful. As you know if you have […]

Artist in LEGO Bricks Interview Series: Jason & Brian Lyles

Interview with Brian Lyles from The LEGO Neighborhood Book

I decided to review The LEGO Neighborhood book because I showed it to my son and we both thought it was a really cool book. Once the review was done I contacted Brian Lyles and asked for an interview. I love to interview true LEGO aficionados and see what made them tick when they were […]

DIY Christmas Ornaments for Boys!

Christmas Ornaments for Boys to Make

It all started with seeing a LEGO ornament by Chris McVeigh. Chris makes very cool ornaments and when I saw his new ones this year it reminded me that I really wanted to share some of his ornaments with you. Then . . . I happened to see a globe ornament of a minion and […]