Make Your Own Log Catapult

Fun to make and a blast to play with this log catapult is a winner! Step-by-step tutorial on site.

One day, when my son and husband were setting up one of their elaborate log buildings and forts scenes, they decided they needed some catapults so they could shoot at each other’s forts. They set out to build one out of toy logs. It turned out great and was a lot of fun to play […]

Cute Forest Animal Memory Game

Super cute printable memory game for kids. Your kids are going to love this adorable forest animal game! Click through to print your free copy

Aren’t the the images in this new Forest Animal Memory Game cute? Memory games are a lot of fun and they are great learning tools for kids. We enjoy memory games so much that we have quite a few of them. I am looking forward to playing this with my son and hope you will […]

Forest Food Chain Books and Game

Learn about the forest food chain with these great books plus get a beautiful, free printable forest food chain game to play.

This month’s Poppins Book Nook Virtual Book Club theme is Forests and Woods.  We decided to go with something within that theme that we enjoy — food chains. Food chains are a very interesting part of nature and when my son was younger we spent quite a bit of time investigating them. A forest food chain can also be […]

Fun Math Video Games and Apps for Older Boys

Ready to get your boy's mathematical thinking powered up? Try these 9 really fun math video games and apps chosen with older boys in mind.

There are a lot of cute math games for younger boys and we will likely share those with you soon but it is super hard to find math video games and apps for older boys that will hold their attention. Many, many boys love video games and adding a few of these really fun math […]

10 Awesome Non-Fiction Shark Books

10 awesome non-fiction shark books to give your shark lovers all the info they could need about sharks. Selections for all ages.

Sharks!  They can be so fascinating and just a bit scary as well. We found some great non-fiction shark books for your boys. I was thinking back to when my son was really into sharks and we went digging to see which books were the best books for boys right now. Some of the ones he […]

Shark Activities That Will Blow You Out of the Water

Super Shark Activities that are great for Shark Week or any time. Shark games, sensory shark ideas, shark lacing card, and more.

As part of the activities for boys series we have here on the site, we went looking for the very best shark activities and we found some great ones. I can’t wait for you to see them. Sharks! Oh boy, I certainly remember the shark phase that occurred in our household. It was all shark, all […]

Sight Word Games Boys Will Go For

These sight word games are just what boys who are learning their sight words need. They make great activities for boys and are a lot of fun too!

Learning sight words is an important part of learning to read. Many times knowing these words give boys the confidence they need to feel that they can unlock the secret to reading. We found some very cool sight word games for you and your boys to play together. They are all on topics that boys like […]