Shiver Me Timbers, Pirate Weapons!

Homeschool Unit Study Pirate Weapons. Lots of great resources.

In our last Homeschool Unit Study on pirates I mentioned that I would tell you what the greatest pirate weapon was.  Here you go: What was one of the most important pirate weapons of all time? Intimidation! A pirate’s fierce reputation was vital to his success. They showed up in their ships (see Sail HO!,) raised […]

Gift Guide for Boys: Dollhouses

Gift Guide for Boys: Dollhouses

Dollhouses are great for boys who like to use their imaginations. They get a chance to play house, in miniature! With a dollhouse so much wonderful story telling takes place. I bought a great wooden dollhouse and it was the best purchase ever. We spent a ton of time making up stories or continuing long, […]

Experiences Plus Gift Guide for Boys

Gift Guides for Boys with Free Printable Gift Certificates

I have always loved giving experiences as a gift. We have given my parents concert tickets, botanical gardens season passes, restaurant certificates and more. They always enjoy them. I  really enjoy giving experiences to my son as well and we have certainly had a lot of fun attending different events or going places that we wouldn’t […]

Best Books for Boys: Robots!

Best Books for Boys: Robots

If your boy is interested in robots, have I found some great books for him! I dug through a lot of robot books to find the best books for boys on this fun topic. These have a lot of appeal, are engaging, and have great images. Robots are used in so many areas of our lives. […]

Homeschool Unit Study: Coding Games to Play

Homeschool Unit Study, Coding Games. Learn while playing games.

Play. Have fun. Learn! Next in our Homeschool Unit Study: Coding series we cover games you can play to learn about coding. I really like to have boys learn through games. They can learn so much by just playing a fun game that it really still amazes me that more people don’t do this. NOTE: […]

Best Books for Boys: Brick Wonders

New best books for boys review on Brick Wonders | Brain Power Boy

I found a new book that I think LEGO loving boys are really going to like! It is definitely one that needs to go on our best books for boys list. Today we are reviewing Brick Wonders: Ancient, Modern, and Natural Wonders Made from LEGO by Warren Elsmore. Warren Elsmore really does it again with Brick […]

Homeschool Unit Study: Coding, Beyond Beginner

Homeschool Unit Study: Coding, Beyond Beginner

If your boy is saying “Where can I learn about coding” you can check out Homeschool Unit Study: Coding, Getting Started which is part 1 in our series on coding by clicking on the link. This post builds on part 1 and goes beyond the beginner coding stage. However, if your boy likes to begin with […]

Dig into Dinosaur Fossil Books

Best Books for Boys: Dinosaur Fossils

Dinosaurs! Boys seem to enjoy them, that is for sure. There certainly was a time when I read an awful lot of dinosaur books. One of the things we enjoyed learning about was dinosaur fossils. We write about the best books for boys here on Brain Power Boy quite often because we love books! and because […]