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25 Hands-On Activities to Make Your Boy’s Spring Break Rock!!

25 awesome spring break activities for boys is packed with fun things to do on their time off.

Bonus – they will learn a lot of super stuff.

Plan to make a bit of time for whatever your boy may enjoy during spring break. Here are some more activities for boys to share with him in addition to the ones below.

Make a plan ahead of time to make this his best spring break ever. Hurray for spring break!

25 awesome hands-on spring break activities that boys will really WANT to do! Click through to see the complete list of spring break ideas and plan some exciting activities that they will remember.

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Spring Break Activities for Boys

Easter is just around the corner and that means schools will close for spring break. Oh, how I remember looking forward to that delicious time off.

Time to do fun things, special things, and exciting things.

Try these spring break activities for boys to get them learning something new while having a lot of fun.

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1. Get outside and launch a rocket.

2. Make your own robot with these easy to make projects.

3. Or, for younger boys, make a free printable gliding robot.

4. Build a Rube Goldberg Machine

5. Dig out your LEGO and get a book to take your building to a new level (suggestions here.)

6. Learn magic tricks (here or get a set here.)

7. Create a can birdfeeder and watch the birds.

8. Play some old fashioned games like marbles (see rules here) and jacks.

Toysmith Marbles in a Tin BoxToysmith Marbles in a Tin BoxMetal Jacks and Rubber Ball SetMetal Jacks and Rubber Ball SetClassic Marbles GameClassic Marbles Game

9. Make this awesome tiny bow and arrow set to shoot q-tips.

10. Construct a cardboard and cork flip car.

11. Make a water bottle popper that shoots a bottle cap up to 20 feet – very cool.

12. Have an indoor (or outdoor, if your weather permits) campout. Set up a tent or make a fort.

13. Grab some LEGO Design ideas and build, build, build!

14. Go fishing.

15. Make a Spiderman or Winnie the Pooh lunch.

16. Shoot pool noodle poppers.

17. Fold awesome paper airplanes, or see our best paper airplane book list

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18. Build a log catapult or get a catapult kit.

19. Try an early spring nature scavenger hunt.

20. Grab your zing air bows and play balloon archery games.

21. Play water table activities.

22. Build a pvc water shooter.

23. Make a perler bead Star Wars R2-D2 or other perler design (we buy in bulk 😉 ).

24. Make your own Star Wars light saber. Easy!

25. Enjoy some Dinosaur Activities. These are perfect for toddlers and their brothers.

Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs (72 count)Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs (72 count)Perler Beads 22,000 Count JarPerler Beads 22,000 Count JarWaterWheel Activity Play TableWaterWheel Activity Play Table

These spring break activities for boys provide a lot of fun learning. Ask him to look through the list and pick a few activities he would like to try.

Be sure to take plenty of time to do nothing but think, relax and enjoy as well!

See more ideas below!!
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